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Accepting Delivers to USA May 4, 2021

3kai saitama 1

Since from the start of the Covid-crisis, EMS has been placed on hold and other carriers are unable to transport swords since they are considered weapons. I am happy to announce I am once again able to send swords to the United States through the services of UPS. So, I encourage anyone who is ready to place an order with Touken Matumoto to do so. I look forward to hearing from you.

Trip To Shinano April 1, 2021

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On March 31st and April 1st, I took a trip to Shinano for two days and one night to see Zenkoji Temple and Matsumoto Castle. It was the perfect time to make a trip when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom under the clear blue sky. At night, I stayed at the Tobira Onsen Spa and was able to relax and not think about work for a short time.

On the second day in Matsumoto City, I visited the Shiseido Sword Shop. Fortunately, the shop owner Mr. Shimojo was there, and although it was a spontaneous visit, he was very polite.  He said that his business was successful and the number of subscribers to his sword sales catalog that is issued four times a year had reached 12,000 within Japan. He also said that of over the 100 items listed in the sale catalog, they are almost sold out each time. He explained that he personally writes the detailed descriptions working mostly by himself.  He appeared to be a very energetic person, and I could feel his strong determination in making his business successful.

From April 1st we start the new fiscal year, so today I will take a rest and will do my best again from tomorrow!

The New Logo for Touken Matsumoto March 30, 2021

token_logo_English-01 touken_logo02

In order to improve the image of our brand, we have created a new logo. It has a deep meaning. The overall image is of “Matsu” a pine tree. The pine tree is a symbol of longevity and is also a part of the Matsumoto name. The bottom right is the shape of a sword. The line design is in the image of Mizuhiki, that is a traditional ribbon used for celebration and joyous occasions. These three symbols represent the heart of Touken Matsumoto. We hope our customers, clients, friends, and family will enjoy the new logo as much as we do.

Umetada Exhibition February 21, 2021


I visited the Japanese Sword Museum and saw the Umetada Exhibition that lasted until February 21st, Sunday.
To help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it was necessary for me to make a reservation in advance at a convenience store for admission on Saturday(20th). Many sword enthusiasts have asked me, “Have you ever been to the Umetada Exhibition?”  So I held high expectations of the event. I was moved by the many Umetada swords that were exhibited in one place. I was able to study the various dragon engravings in the blades, which was a great experience. I was also fascinated by the exhibition of the masterpieces; including 6 national treasures and 10 important cultural properties. Although the number of visitors was small in the morning when the museum opened, around noon many more people visited, especially a larger number of women. I could feel the popularity of the swords even in this modern time.

Currently, Touken Matsumoto has in stock two Tsuba related to the Umetada Tradition. This is highly recommended work and is reminiscent of the Tsuba at the Umetada exhibition! Both of these have passed the Tokubetsu Hozon Token.
● TSU-1923 Chrysanthemum, Made by Umetada Tachibana Tadayoshi, Mid Edo Period, Tokubetsu Hozon Tosogu

● TSU-1698 Chrysanthemum and Vines, Mumei, but attributed to the Umetada Tradition, Early Edo Period, Tokubetsu Hozon Tosogu

The 16th Noda Token Ichi and the 7th Kyobashi Token Ichi February 8, 2021

スクリーンショット-2 野田0 - コピー 野田2 - コピー 野田3 - コピー

スクリーンショット (7) 京橋2 - コピー 京橋1 - コピー 京橋3 - コピー

The 16th Noda Token Ichi was held for 3 days from Friday, January 29th, and the 7th Kyobashi Token Ichi was held for 3 days from Friday, February 5th. Having two consecutive weeks of events was difficult to obtain the reservation of the venue. Also, between these two events, I hosted the Noda Kai Sword Auction as I usually do on the 3rd of every month. It was a very busy few weeks.  In holding the event, we did our best to prevent the spread of the coronavirus by taking the necessary precautions, but there were fewer visitors than normal due to the travel restrictions in place. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the visitors who visited us during these difficult times. We will continue to take precautions and to make the sales events a satisfying experience for those customers who are able to visit us.

Happy New Year Greetings January 3, 2021


This picture shows the first sunrise of the new year. Normally, every year I visit Yamanashi Prefecture to see the first sunrise with Mr. Fuji. However, this year, due to the Corona-virus, I simply watched the sunrise near my home. The first three days of the new year provided great weather with beautiful blue skies. I was able to foresee hope and a bright 2021. We sincerely hope that you will return to your normal lives as soon as possible, and all of our staff will continue to do their best this year as well.

We appreciate your continued patronage.

Yoshiyuki Matsumoto