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Dai Token Ichi 2019 November 4th, 2019


The 2019 Dai Token Ichi has ended successfully. This is the biggest event where sword dealers from all over the world gather for the three-day event. There were over 73 sword dealers nationwide in attendance. All the shopkeepers were crowded with about 3,000 visitors in total, and worked hard to sell their items.
Thanks to the Dai Token Ichi, I was able to meet familiar customers, both domestic and overseas, who I could only meet online before. All the staff worked hard with the encouragement of many customers. I am thankful that I managed to reach my sales goal on the last day.
Next year, the Dai Token Ichi 2020 will be held at the Tokyo Art Club for three days from November 1st (Sunday). Both as a member of the Dai Token Ichi committee and as a sword trader, I will continue to do my best to promote the Dai Token Ichi and to increase its popularity both domestic and overseas in order to increase the number of visitors for the future.

High Resolution Images October 20, 2019

blog Oct.20 Eng.

As has been requested by some customers, we have been able to create a new function to show a more detailed photo of the swords. You can click the magnify button of each item page of the swords to see 3 to 4 times closer detail compared to previous image. It may take a bit more time to load due to the larger photo size but the wait will be worth it. Touken Matsumoto does its best to accommodate the request of all customers.

The 8th Chiba Token Ichi September 10, 2019

image1 (00B) 031 033 刀剣評価鑑定士証 (2) 鑑定士

The 8th Chiba Token Ichi was held for three days at the Chiba Seminar Room near the Chiba Station on September 6th. Despite the hot weather, I appreciate all the participants who attended this event.  At this 8th Event, I was able to show my official certificate of a sword appraiser issued by the All Japan Sword Traders Association. Customers were able to rely on me for also my sword appraiser comments. However, this time, I purchased more than I was able to sell. I must make a better effort to encourage people to become a sword enthusiast to further educate the world on Japanese history and culture.
Next day of this Event, Chiba Prefecture was severally damaged from the Typhoon that hit the area. I would like to express my sympathy to those affected and wish everyone a speedy recover from the damage.

Preliminary Meeting for Dai Token Ichi 2019 August 23, 2019.


The Preliminary Meeting for Dai Token Ichi 2019 was held after the sword auction of the Sword Trader’s Association at the Tokyo Art Museum on August 23. I was appointed as the chair person (Shikaishya). This year’s Event will start from November 1st on a Friday and will run for three days at the Tokyo Art Museum. This will be the 32nd Event of the Dai Token Ichi and there will be 73 participating sword traders. The preparations of the event are progressing well and we are all hoping it will be a successful event this year. I will be waiting for your visit sincerely.

Overseas Company Trip June 25, 2019

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Every June, the Touken Matsumoto group enjoys a yearly trip to oversease in show of appreciation and hopes for continued support.
This year was the 5th time and we went Bali, Indonesia for the second time. Bali is a memorial place because I worked in Jakarta, Indonesia for five years from 2002 to 2008 at my previous financial job.
I was able to really enjoy the trip using my language skills in Bahasa Indonesia that I still remember. My staff members and I were able to refresh and will move forward with our best efforts this year and look forward to June, 2020.

The All Japan Sword Traders Association June 10th, 2019


On the 10th of June, the All Japan Sword Traders Association held a board member’s election. I was re-elected for another two years. I will do my best to enhance and increase the sword market. The previous retirement age limit of 70 years old was abolished allowing anyone the opportunity to became a board member. Fukami-san, from Ginza Choshuya became the chairman again.

The Second Kyobashi Touken Ichi June 9, 2019

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Touken Matsumoto held the Second Kyobashi Token Ichi on June 7th, 2019 for a three-day sales event at the Gallery Kubota in Kyobashi. The rainy season in Japan has started and rained all three days. However, the location was very convenient and close  to the train station allowing all the guest to stay relatively dry. Ohkoshi Sensei, who supervised the manga drawing of Honami Meito Hiroku (the secret record of the swords of the Honami Lineage), also had the chance to visit. I also made an advertisement poster to help increase the appeal of this event. The performance of the event was better than expected. The Third Kyobashi Token Ichi will be held on October 11th for the three days at the same location. We look forward to seeing you there.


Demonstration of Japanese Sword Polishing May 7, 2019

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On May 6th,  Noda City Museum held a demonstration event of sword polishing. The polisher and lecturer was Mr. Yoichiro Kawakami, who is one of Touken Matsumoto’s staff members and was supported by his student Mr. Hendricks. Despite that day being on the last day of a long holiday, there were over 50 sword enthusiasts in attendance and we didn’t even have enough chairs to go around. They were able to show the polishing process on a large screen, so all the attendants could see. Mr. Kawakami has plenty of experience giving lectures about the process and did an outstanding job. His student Mr. Hendricks, who is also a presenter and a university lecturer helped make the event a success. This Noda City Museum Event will continue until May 27th. Please come by and visit us there.

Noda-kai Sword Auction Event April 20, 2019


Touken Matsumoto held the Noda-kai Sword Auction Event in Tsukuba. This was the third time this year to celebrate the 27th anniversary of the start of Noda-kai. More than fifty sword traders were in attendance and event space was filled with swords and sword fittings. The Event started from 10:00am and continued until 5:00pm. Throughout the Event everyone was active and enthusiastic. The overall results of the Event were more than twenty percent than the previous Event. I was very happy of this Event’s success. After the auction, we enjoyed a dinner party with a fun Bingo game instead of last Event’s performance.

First Kyobashi Touken Ichi March 11, 2019

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We had the First Kyobashi Touken Ichi at the Gallery Kubota in Kyobashi. This is a convenient location next the Tokyo station and close to Ginza. There were visitors from the Tohoku and Chubu regions who visited by Shinkansen. Okoshi Hiromichi Sensei, a writer of Feudal Japan manga, visited and enjoyed seeing the exhibit. He was kind enough to present us with one of his Manga that came out on February 15th, “Big Comic.” At the event, I was successful in creating a good atmosphere among the enthusiasts. The next event, Second Kyobashi Touken Ichi will be held in June 7, 2019 at the same location for three days.

Suwa Shrine February 27, 2019

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The Suwa Shrine was founded in the year 807 and is located in Chiba Prefecture Nagareyama City, next to our shop.  The story of the Shrine, is that Hachiman Taro Yoshiie made a visit to this shrine before he went to the battle of the Go Sannen War, also referred to as the Later Three-year War in the late 1080s in the Mutsu Province.  After defeating his enemies, he returned for another visit and presented his horse as a gift to the shrine. Because of this history is remains an revered and historical shrine in this area. This time Touken Matsumoto received an order to polish many of the swords there at the Suwa Shrine. I arrived early in the morning so I had time to walk the length of the entire shrine before meeting the customers. The shrine was very clean and was in immaculate order. A very nice visit.

Happy New Year January 1, 2019

Blog 1.1

We wish everyone a very happy New Year.
Just as the new year’s sun rises next to Mt. Fuji, I wish everyone a refreshing and prosperous 2019.
Touken Matsumoto, myself and all of our staff, will endeavor to provide even better services to all sword enthusiasts around the world.
Let’s make it a wonderful 2019 for everyone.