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The First Mito Token Ichi April 24, 2022
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The first Mito Token Ichi sales event was held  for two days from April 22nd, Friday, to the 23rd, Saturday. It was held at the Hotel Terrace The Garden Mito, which is directly connected to the south exit of Mito train Station. We advertised in advance in the local newspaper and exhibited many swords and fittings, especially those from Mito Swordsmiths and craftsmen. It was the first time for us to hold an event at this location, but I was supported by existing customers helping to make the performance to nearly meet my expectations. Moving forward, we will try to hold more events in the area and collaborate our efforts. This time, the event was held simultaneously with the other sword exhibition, the "Mito Sword Spot Sale" by Shinbori Art Sword (Mr. Toru Shinbori) and Santo Ryu (Mr. Motohiro Yamada). In addition, we are working to increase the number of sword enthusiasts in Mito and to synergize our efforts with other sword dealers to be even more successful. Next year, I made a reservation to hold the same event at the Hotel Terrace The Garden Mito for two days on April 23rd, Saturday, and the 24th, Sunday, and I am looking forward to visiting again.
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