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Cleaning Kit

Our cleaning kit includes the following.
  • Mekuginuki (a small metal hammer to remove the rivet that holds the blade in the Tsuka)
  • Uchiko (a powder ball used to remove the old oil from the blade. The powder inside the ball is made from finely ground 'Uchigumori-toishi' which comes from a whetstone, 'Hazuya', used in the final part of polishing a blade. Please squeeze the ball lightly while still in the plastic bag to loosen the powder, and be careful not to break the stick the ball sits on)
  • Nuguigami (Japanese paper, used to remove oil etc. from the blade before using the Nuguigami. Please make sure you thoroughly soften it by wrinkling it for 30 minutes to 1 hour, so that it doesn't scratch the blade.)
  • Tōken-abura (clove oil)
  • Aburanuno (a small piece of felt-cloth used to apply the clove oil to the blade)
Maintenance Tools
Price: 4,000 yen. Including postage and packaging.
Should you, for some reason, neglect to remove the oil from the blade for a long time, you may risk the oil oxidizing. This is, obviously, bad for the blade and could result in staining the surface of the sword. Once old oil becomes difficult to remove, the easiest way to remedy the problem is to use benzene to safely remove it. Different climates put different demands on the owner for blade maintenance.


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